Production in China


We support “From idea to final product” with knowledge about prices, materials, specifications, manufacturing technologies, etc.

Danish owned, Danish managed Industrial Park in China

– Danish know-how, Chinese costs

+  Danish Management
+  15+ years of practical manufacturing experience in China
+  Low Chinese costs
+  Quality products and reliable delivery
+  Easy communication


Our special competence: Rehab products!

In coorporation with leading European and North American manufactures of rehab products, B2B Link China has in recent years developed special skills producing components and assembled products for the rehab industry. Our ability to handle the demands of the rehab industry as to material, tecknology, quality and batch sizes has made B2B Link China an ideal partner.

Our Chinese subsidiary has its own factories, manufacturing equipment and a well-qualified Chinese organization under Danish leadership.

B2B Link China is often involved “From idea to final product”, and contributes with knowledge about prices, materials, specifications, manufacturing technologies, etc. Our customers’ extensive knowledge of their product, combined with B2B Link China’s experience and knowledge of manufacturing and sourcing in China – is a strong solution.

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Price saving on products, assembly and supply chain optimization

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We are on-site and follow projects and quality closely