Tailor-made solutions

Manufacturing - Sourcing - Assembly

Cost saving on components, assembly and optimization of the supply chain

Purchase Manager of Tvilum A/S, Kim Lahnen, says:

“Tvilum has a requirement for reliable and flexible suppliers, who understand our demands on faultless deliveries and who actively contribute to a continuous optimization and development. B2B Link China understands and fulfills these requirements and is quick and easy to communicate with.”

B2B Link China offers to manufacture and source your products

Depending on the product in question, we offer to manufacture your products in our own factories or to combine manufacturing in our factories with sourcing. All products are being quality controlled, packed and dispatched from B2B Link Chinas factories in Xuancheng.

We supply a variety of components and assembled products to a number of well known European and North American industries within rehab, furniture, doors and windows, traffic signs, playground equipment, machinery, construction, brackets and more. Click here for product examples.

B2B Link China offers tailored solutions

B2B Link China is more than happy to offer manufacturing of simple products, but would rather offer our customers a better service by supplying a complete solution including assembly, tests and packing in customer’s packaging. In this way our customers usually achieve the greatest advantages – also economically.

Given the experience of B2B Link China and its Danish/Chinese management, B2B Link China has the necessary qualifications required to plan and implement more complex solutions than would usually be possible in China.

With B2B Link China situated in Xuancheng, 300 km west of Shanghai, we are particularly competitive within the following manufacturing processes:

  • Extruded and machined aluminum profiles
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Stamped products
  • Machined products, drilling, milling, bending, welding
  • Die casting products
  • Rubber products

and the following surface treatments:

  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing
  • Electro plating
  • ED-coating
  • Glass and steel ball blasting
  • Hot-dip galvanizing

The above list is continuously being up-dated. So please contact us, if what you require is not listed.

Nice to know:

Among others, our factories in China employ Project Managers, Sourcing Engineers, Quality Managers, QC-Inspectors, CAD/CAM Engineers besides customer service and administration staff.

B2B Link China also has extensive testing equipment at our disposal and we offer 100% quality control at our own factory by our own employees.

B2B Link China offers customized solutions

Rehab solutions - delivered all over the world

See some of our solutions and products from the Rehab industry.