Establish your own company in China

Under safe conditions in our Industrial Park

General Manager of DESMI Pumping Technology in China, Kaare Petersen, says:

“Despite many years of experience in China,  DESMI has chosen to place our recent investment in China in B2B Industrial Park. This is due to the particular security we achieve in cooperation with B2B Link China’s Danish / Chinese management, including their great local knowledge. They have extensive knowledge and experience of setting up production in China and are practical people, who have found good solutions for our current challenges.”

Establish your own company in China

B2B Link China offers to help setting up your business in our Industrial Park in Xuancheng

We build and rent factories and we are ready to assist you step by step to ensure a safe process when going to China.

Our step-by-step assistance is mainly intended for companies with only little or no knowledge about China. Our primary target groups are small and medium sized companies without resources to send representatives ahead to carry out their own investigations, perhaps 2-3 years before planned business start-up.

Danish / Chinese Management in B2B Industrial Park

B2B Link China is particularly experienced in the field of business-set up and management solution. On several occasions, the Danish / Chinese management of B2B Link China Industrial Park has succesfully moved entire factories from Western Europe to China.

We offer professional advice, make pre-studies and supplier identifications, draft feasibility studies and take care of all aspects of company registration with the local authorities. In addition our services can include project management in the start-up phase, including office establishment, hiring of key personel, purchase of equipment and much more.

Our tailor-made China solution supports you throughout the process:

  • Investigation
  • Get up running
  • Basic services
  • Special services

Please contact us to learn more about B2B Link China “tailor-made China solution”.

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DESMI Pumping Technology

Established in B2B Industrial Park in 2012.

General Manager Kaare Petersen, DESMI Pumping Technology:

“DESMI is very confident about the location at B2B Industrial Park. Our cooperation with the Danish management in Xuancheng is good and it is of importance to us that they understand our way of thinking and share our views”.   

How to get started – step by step



 Compile a feasibility study (6-9 weeks)

a. Description of the business
b. Product scope and production capacity
c. Details of the company to be set up in China, including company structure
d. Proposed facilities, incl. human resources and management
e. Commercial analysis, incl. plan for sales and distributions
f.  Establishment cost – typical cost estimate for various start-up and value-added services
g. Time for implementation of new company
h. Budget for the first 5 years of operation. Estimates for typical operation costs and overheads



Make a lease agreement with B2B Industrial Park (2-3 weeks)

a. Rental agreement incl. terms, m² and price
b. Date for taking over the facilities
c. Layout agreement incl. drawings and specifications (water, power, etc.)
d. Maintenance, breach of contract, termination of contract, payment
e. Others



Make a service agreement with B2B Industrial Park (2-3 weeks)

a. Project management in start-up phase, incl. office establishment, hiring of key people, purchase of equipment, installation of IT, etc.
b. Basic facilities such as canteen, dormitories and transportation
c. Extended service such as finance and account management, quality control, supplier search, recruitment, employment contracts, security guard service, etc.



Company registration process (6-8 weeks)

a. B2B Industrial Park manage the company approval application procedures
b. Draw up the Articles of Association and Feasibility Study Report in Chinese
c. File the application for the Business Licence
d. Grant the Business Licence and other certificates
e. Assist in opening bank accounts required for registration with government bureaus
f. Formal registraions with:
1. Tax Bureau
2. Labour Bureau
3. Customs Bureau
4. Social Insurance Bureau
5. State Administration for Foreign Exchange (SAFE)
6. Issuing of relevant import and export licences



Hire General Manager or Project Manager (8-12 weeks)
a. Important for he/she to be part of the early phase of the company’s lifecycle and take ownership of the set-up

Build a factory / Rent a standard factory (Time to build: Approx. 16 weeks)
a. Including establishment of the surroundings (parking, green areas, etc.)
b. Or decide for B2B standard facility already set up

Specify layout and decoration of office, production and warehouse (3-4 weeks)
a. Design area, specify requirements and purchase of materials for decoration

Basic factory installations for use, incl. fire protection, etc. (3-4 weeks)

Decoration and set up production / warehouse (4-5 weeks)
a. Office, production and warehouse according to layout and specifications

Purchase of production- and office equipment (4-12 weeks)
a. Import or local



Purchase of materials for production (5-12 weeks)
a. Import or local

Installation of IT and other office equipment (1-2 weeks)

Installation of equipment and assembly facilities in production and warehouse(3-4 weeks)

Hiring and training operators (2-3 weeks)
a. Should be carried out by the new General Manager

Trial runs and production tests (3-4 weeks)

Sample shipment and test (6-9 weeks – may vary)

Start normal production

A rule of thumb:

B2B Industrial Park needs 25 weeks from customer is ready until production is running!
Still, customers’ individual requirements and the complexity of the project may of course influence the final time frame.